Even in these challenging times, children should be protected and healthy, able to learn and play, and be involved in information and decisions in a child-friendly manner. To help, we have compiled some information and materials for parents and caregivers below on how to protect, inform, support and engage children.

Learn- and play activities from our Programmes in Switzerland

For the work in the child-friendly rooms in asylum centres, we have developed many activity guides for children in recent years. These activities are fun for children and teenagers and support them in various skills. In this special situation, we are happy to share selected instructions with everyone who is at home and has to look after children and young people.

Here you will find a selection of play and learning activities (in German):

Ideas for activities 1 (German) pdf - 2,44 MB

Ideas for activities 2 (German) pdf - 3,72 MB

Ideas for activities 3 (German) pdf - 3,8 MB

New from our National Programmes: Learning and play set for the quarantine situation! Here you will find the first learning and play set that we have developed for children, young people and families in an asylum and migration context in our Swiss projects in response to the quarantine situation during the Corona crisis. The set provides simple yet professional support for all asylum accommodation so that children, young people and families can continue to learn and play even in modest spaces and with little material. Every two weeks we will provide a new set. If you are interested in asylum accommodations, please contact nina.hoessli@savethechildren.ch.

We are also happy to make the set available for families and child carers at home to download online. 

Learn- and play kit 1 pdf - 5,33 MB

Learn- and play kit 2 pdf - 5,47 MB

Learn- and play kit 3 pdf - 4,95 MB

Learn- and play kit 4 pdf - 6,15 MB

Learn- and play kit 5 pdf - 10,22 MB

Learn- and play kit 6 pdf - 10,92 MB

Learn- and play kit 7 pdf - 10,96 MB

8 games with pencil and paper pdf - 1,94 MB

Involve children and inform them appropriately

Children receive different types of information from different sources – through school, friends and relatives, adult conversations, news broadcasts or social media channels. All this information can be unsettling and frightening for children. It is therefore important to explain the situation to children in a way that is appropriate for them, to correct misinformation and to answer their questions. We have put together some ideas to help parents talk to children about the protection measures and the coronavirus:

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