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Save the Children is there for children when they are most vulnerable and their world is turned upside down - whether after an earthquake, during a conflict or an epidemic of disease. Then, when every hour counts, we help children survive, learn and be protected, even in the remotest corners of the world.

Today, twice as many natural disasters occur as 20 years ago. In these situations it is children who feel the effects most. They are more likely to be injured, traumatised and exposed to danger if they are separated from their families.

Save the Children provides help when children need it the most. We are there for them immediately after a disaster, distributing aid, food or providing medical care. We help children and their families to survive and be protected. We ensure that children have access to education even in emergency situations – and prepare them for possible future disasters so that they are better protected in these situations.

We are among the first to be on the ground and we will stay until we have ensured that children and their families can return to a normal life.

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Within 48 hours after a disaster, our teams are already on their way to the scene.

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Natural disasters are twice as many today as 20 years ago.

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530 million children live in areas at risk of flooding.

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160 million children worldwide are exposed to severe droughts.

A Save the Children worker helps to unload a plane chartered by Save the Children, which brings relief supplies to the destroyed island of Palu in Indonesia.

Disaster Risk Reduction

For two thirds of all displaced persons worldwide, natural disasters are the main reason for their flight. Almost a quarter of the world's children live in areas at high risk of flooding. This is precisely where our disaster prevention work comes in. We work directly with children to better prepare them and their communities for future disasters.

Our focus is on disaster prevention in schools. With our experience in this area, we are committed to ensuring that children and teachers in schools are protected from potential hazards such as earthquakes, fires or floods. They are prepared for situations like these, and it is ensured that education continues even in the event of a disaster. Our projects are linked to a research approach that not only ensures their sustainability, but also provides knowledge to the entire sector.

In response to rapid and unpredictable urbanisation, we are strengthening the natural resilience of children and their families in disaster prevention in urban environments. Children growing up in such areas are exposed to increased health, hygiene and child protection risks. Through special training and educational work, we impart knowledge and skills that make a difference. In this way, we ensure that our projects have a long-term impact – even beyond our organisation.

Children's Emergency Fund

Save the Children Switzerland has an emergency fund for children in crisis situations. Our Children’s Emergency Fund ensures that we are there to help children and families within the first hours after a disaster strikes. The earlier we are on the ground, the greater the impact and the number of lives we can save! You can read more about our Children’s Emergency Fund here.

Children's Emergency Fund | Annual report 2022 pdf - 1,77 MB

If you would like to know more, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

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