Our annual report provides detailed insight into the international programme work of Save the Children Switzerland and contains the most important financial figures. The complete annual financial statement is included in the financial report, which has been audited by the auditors. In the interests of transparent and meaningful accounting, we prepare our annual financial statements in accordance with Swiss GAAP FER. The auditor is BDO since 2021.

Annual Report 2022 pdf - 21,62 MB

Financial Report 2022 (in German) pdf - 3,84 MB

Annual Report 2021 pdf - 6,29 MB

Financial Report 2021 (in German) pdf - 4,83 MB

Annual Report 2020 pdf - 1,82 MB

Financial Report 2020 (in German) pdf - 1,2 MB

Annual Report 2019 pdf - 13,83 MB