write a child's future into your will

Are you committed to helping the most deprived children worldwide and do you wish to have your commitment continue beyond your own lifetime? You can ensure this happens by mentioning Save the Children in your will – as a bequest or a portion of your estate. In doing so, you will ensure that your strongly held beliefs and your lifetime commitment to a good cause will continue to shine long into the future.


Our wills booklet “Bequeath children’s smiles” (in German or French) answers initial questions on estates and bequests, for example:

  • Why make a will?
  • How much is the divisible portion of my estate?
  • How do I make my will for children in need?

As a charitable organisation, Save the Children is tax-exempt. This means that your donation can be used to full effect where it is needed most – in our worldwide children’s projects.

You can download our wills booklet here:

Wills booklet Download our wills booklet in German or French here in PDF format. We would also be happy to send you the booklet by post upon request. pdf - 2,41 MB

Make a template for
your last will

Here you can make a template for your will here and make Save the Children a beneficiary.

I would be happy to provide you with more information on bequeathing your estate. I would also be delighted to hear from you if you have already considered Save the Children in your will. Please contact me via e-mail at legate@savethechildren.ch or by phone at 044 267 74 78.

Michael Schwitter Head Philanthropy

Condolence donations

Condolence donations – donating in memory of a loved one

A much-loved person has passed away who was fully committed in their lifetime to improving the well-being of disadvantaged children in Switzerland and worldwide. Carry on this commitment in memory of the deceased and organise for donations to be made to Save the Children instead of funeral wreaths or flowers.


  • Notify us of the name of the deceased and the family’s address. This helps us to identify incoming donations.
  • Mention in your obituary that you are asking mourners to make donations to Save the Children. Example: “In memory of the deceased – instead of flowers, please make a donation to Save the Children Switzerland; donations account PC 80-15233-8, quoting as a reference: Deceased person/family”.
  • If you would like to collect donations in memory of the deceased at the funeral, you can transfer the total to our donations account after the event, noting the name of the deceased and the family’s address.


When making a donation, please add the reference “in memory of”, followed by the name of the deceased and the address of the family for whom you are making the donation.
We will send an individual note of thanks for every donation received. Donors will receive a receipt for their donation at the beginning of the following year. After 4-6 weeks, the family of the deceased will receive a list of donors, including the total amount of donations made.
For data protection reasons, the individual amounts are not disclosed.


Use the free offer from our partner platform “Dein Adieu” and create an online obituary.

We would be happy to support you – please contact us via e-mail at info@savethechildren.ch or by phone at 044 267 74 70.

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