The board of Save the Children Switzerland is the supreme governing body and includes experts in humanitarian aid, healthcare, law, finance, marketing and business.

Dr Erik Slingerland
President of the board

That the children of this world grow up healthy, protected and strengthened in their independent development should be a matter of course - but unfortunately it is not! As a father of four children, I become aware of the importance of this goal every day. With my commitment to Save the Children, I hope and believe that I can make at least a small but sustainable contribution - in Switzerland and internationally.

Dr Wolfgang Wünsche
Vice President

The future lies in the hands of children. Their values will decide whether we live in a world that respects human dignity and free self-determination. For children to grow into a fairer world, they need opportunities. Providing these opportunities is an essential task of Save the Children. As a father of three children, this is something that is close to my heart. That is why I am involved in Save the Children.

Dr Christian Huldi

Helping is not just helping! For me it is important that the help reaches those who cannot help it, but are most affected: the children.

Sven Hoffmann

For me, the commitment to children is a promise to the future: Those who have the chance to grow up healthy and attend school today as a child will later have a fair chance of a self-determined life. Every child has a right to this. And that is what I stand up for.

Victor Graf Dijon de Monteton

Standing up for children's rights and disadvantaged children was already a matter close to my heart at a very young age. I played my first charity concert at the age of 11. Therefore I am happy to be able to make my contribution for and with Save the Children. Education and children's rights are particularly important to me. Because only together we can change something.

Abigael de Buys Roessingh

It is vital to help disadvantaged children to improve their lives through educated and responsible choices, not only for their own future but also for the society in which they live. It is my wish, through my professional and diplomatic experience, and as a mother, to support Save the Children as best I can.

Solveig Rufenacht

As a young ICRC delegate, I had the privilege of witnessing how Save the Children’s actions were alleviating the sufferings of thousands of children in war zones. Years later, the fundamental importance of Children’s rights and need for their protection became even more apparent, as I became a mum myself; realizing also that ideas alone are not enough – and that it takes a lot of dedication, rigor and passion to convey those fundamental principles and bring them to reality. And this is what makes Save the Children so truly uniqu and indispensable. Joining its board is not only an honor, but a journey to which I hope to bring my stone.