More than 60% of refugee children arriving in Switzerland are younger than 6 years of age. We give them shelter in our child-friendly spaces in Swiss asylum centres.

With your donation, you help us, for example, to campaign for children’s rights to be fully implemented in Switzerland, so that all children are protected against violence and are nurtured in a child-appropriate way.


Our work with refugee children is one of our programme’s main focuses in Switzerland. In our child-friendly spaces in Swiss asylum centres, asylum-seeking children can find protection, receive targeted psychosocial support and are allowed to be just children for once.

Support our work for children in Switzerland, too, with your donation! Your donation is used where help is needed most urgently.

How your donation can help:

With 50 Swiss francs

we can supply a child-friendly space in Switzerland with storybooks.

With 100 Swiss francs

you allow us to set up a crafts and painting corner in a child-friendly space in Switzerland.

With 200 Swiss francs

we can provide age-appropriate toys for 20 children.

Please help children in need!

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