Become a Guardian Angel – help the most deprived children and their families on a regular basis and provide sustained and efficient support for projects in the areas of education, child protection, health and nutrition.

Becoming a Guardian Angel

Give a future to the most deprived children in Switzerland and worldwide with your regular donations of at least 20 Swiss francs per month.
As a Guardian Angel, you will receive our magazine “We”, containing the most recent information on our work (German, French or Italian), as well as a receipt for your donation at the beginning of each year. Your Guardian Angel sponsorship helps needy children sustainably and in the long term. It can be terminated at any time.

A few examples of how we use your donations:

With 20 Swiss francs

you could supply 30 children with clean drinking water for one month.

With 40 Swiss francs

we could buy winter boots for eight children.

With 50 Swiss francs

you could provide two months’ worth of nutrient-rich peanut paste for a malnourished child.

Yes, I would like to become a Guardian Angel

Become a Guardian Angel