Every business activity of a company has a direct or indirect impact on children and their rights. Regardless of the business sector, companies can shape this impact positively and thus contribute to a more child-friendly future – globally, regionally and locally. In order to ensure better protection of people and the environment from negative impacts, new legal due diligence requirements for companies apply in Switzerland since January 1st 2022. This legal development goes hand in hand with comparable legislative initiatives in other countries in Europe as well as at the EU level.

The pressure to act is growing, but at the same time the increased expectations towards the private sector offer opportunities, too. Companies that take on responsibility in their own operations and in cooperation with suppliers gain direct competitive advantages. These include, for example, increased employee satisfaction, improved product quality, product innovations and a better brand image among customers.

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We create transparency on how and where children’s rights are affected in your supply chain and provide concrete recommendations on how to reduce risks.

  • Analysis of your supply chain(s)
  • Review of key company policies and processes, gap analysis with regard to children’s rights
  • Derive recommendations to minimize risks
Bernardo and his son Ricardo Zambezia province


We help you to avoid child labour efficiently and provide concrete remedies for cases of child labour in factories, in the agricultural sector or in the extraction of raw materials within your supply chain.

  • Develop and establish clear policies and processes to prevent and remediate child rights violations
  • Establish communication channels and systems to adequately respond to complaints
  • Immediate support in the event of child labour cases along the supply chain
Kinderrechte in der Lieferkette


We support you in creating adequate and safe jobs for adolescents and in promoting the professional development of young people.

  • Creating decent and safe work for young people
  • Establishing appropriate training programmes
  • Raising awareness among own employees and suppliers


We develop policies and processes that enable employees to fulfil their role as parents and their professional role equally.

  • Designing workplaces that meet the needs of working parents and their children
  • Training employees and suppliers on the topic of child protection
  • Organizing employee activities for the benefit of children worldwide (Employee Engagement – Employee Engagement – Save the Children Schweiz)


Our activities are based on the Children’s Rights and Business Principles (CRBP) developed by UNICEF, the UN Global Compact and Save the Children in 2012. These comprehensive principles were formulated to support companies in respecting and promoting children’s rights and integrating them in the workplace, marketplace und community.

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Factsheet Children's Rights and Business Principles for companies (PDF, Englisch, 358 KB) pdf - 1,08 MB

10 years Children`s Rights and Business Principles –"Charting the Course" (PDF, Englisch, 7 MB) pdf - 7,04 MB