Gaza Emergency Appeal: Everything must be done to protect children from harm

Children are always the first to suffer in any conflict – and the stories continuing to come from Gaza are deeply disturbing. Children who manage to survive the bombs are being at risk of dying from dehydration, starvation and disease.

We are distributing food, water and medical kits (through partners) in Gaza. Additionally, we support families with cash, hygiene products and recreational kits. While the temporary pause in fighting has allowed much-needed supplies to enter Gaza, the current rate of delivery is nowhere near enough. To meet the immense need, we need a definitive ceasefire.

Our teams are ready to further scale up our response, as soon as it is possible to do so:

  • Distributing more food, water, medicine, warm clothes and blankets to families
  • Delivering psychological support to children and caregivers
  • Setting up child friendly spaces so children have a safe space to play and recover
  • Ensuring children continue to have access to education, by setting up temporary learning spaces and repairing damaged schools

Children must be protected – they urgently need your help. Please donate now – your donation makes an important difference.

Donate now

How your donation can help


With 90 Swiss francs

we can provide, for example, a hygiene kit for 8 families in need.

With 180 Swiss francs

we can, for example, provide 2.5 families with urgently needed food parcels.

With 360 Swiss francs

you finance, for example, a baby kit for 8 families in need.


Your donation will be used for all of our activities and deployed where disadvantaged children need it the most.