A hunger catastrophe is unfolding before our eyes in Gaza: 96 per cent of the population are facing acute hunger – including many children. Aid and access to aid is the difference between life and death for people in Gaza right now.

The violence continues and the destruction is ubiquitous – homes, hospitals and schools are in rubble and the trauma experienced by children is unimaginable. Over 21,000 children in Gaza are currently missing in the chaos of the war. They are trapped beneath rubble, detained, buried in unmarked graves, or lost from their families. Every minute counts now. 

Despite the challenging conditions, Save the Children continues to work through local partners in Gaza. Our work is only possible thanks to extensive donations and support. So far, we have been able to support over 770,000 people, including more than 380,000 children.

Save the Children is urgently calling for an immediate ceasefire to protect the lives and future of children in Gaza.



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How your donation can help


With 90 Swiss francs

we can provide, for example, a hygiene kit for 8 families in need.

With 180 Swiss francs

we can, for example, provide 2.5 families with urgently needed food parcels.

With 360 Swiss francs

you finance, for example, a baby kit for 8 families in need.


Your donation will be used for all of our activities and deployed where disadvantaged children need it the most.


If you have any questions about our payment methods, don’t hesitate to contact us via email.