Emergency aid after the earthquake

On Sulawesi in Indonesia, children and families are still suffering from the consequences of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that occurred in September 2018. The natural disaster left devastating damage to people and the environment and, in the long term, affected the lives of 1.5 million people, including 375,000 children.

Our project has the overall objective of improving access to safe, inclusive and age-appropriate learning opportunities for school-aged children in the following three districts: Palu, Sigi and Donggala. This includes the provision of safe, equipped and handicapped accessible learning spaces in 30 targeted schools and training in disaster prevention and comprehensive school safety to reduce the risks of future natural disasters.

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Regions Palu, Sigi and Donggala on Central-Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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375'000 children are suffering from the consequences of the tsunami.

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1300 schools have been damaged or destroyed.


On September 28, 2018, the province of Central Sulawesi in Indonesia was hit by a series of strong earthquakes. A 7.4 magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami that hit the beaches of Palu and Donggala. There were 770 aftershocks reported.

The most affected areas are the districts of Palu City, Donggala and Sigi. Several thousand people have died or been seriously injured and over 160’000 people have had to flee. Around 40’000 buildings and 2500 classrooms were damaged or destroyed.

In order to meet current needs and in line with the context in the province of Central Sulawesi, which is in the process of reconstruction, the project aims to create an adequate, safe and protective learning space for girls and boys in 30 schools. These protective classrooms are either newly constructed temporary classrooms or repaired existing classrooms as a sustainable solution.

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Goal 1 Children affected by the disaster have access to safe learning rooms equipped with school materials and accessible for disabled children.

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Goal 2 The resistance of schools and communities to future natural disasters is established and strengthened.

Education in emergencies

Our goal in humanitarian aid is to contribute to an immediate and lasting change in the lives of children and their families affected by earthquakes and tsunamis through access to essential services such as food, medicine and education and active participation of the communities in reconstruction.

During the damage assessment it was discovered that many classrooms and schools were destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami. This has a significant impact and will make the recovery of the communities more difficult; the continued disruption to education will affect the future of the children.

It is therefore important to be able to guarantee education and rebuild schools in a sustainable manner, also or especially in disaster situations.

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