The Children’s Emergency Fund ensures that we are there to help children and families within hours after a disaster strikes. The earlier we are on the ground, the greater the impact and the number of lives we can save!

In times of crisis and disasters, it’s always the children who suffer the most. Now, the climate crisis, extreme hunger and armed conflicts are threatening millions of children and people.

Your donation to our Children’s Emergency Fund will help the most deprived children caught up in the world’s most catastrophic humanitarian crises. Wherever innocent children’s lives and wellbeing are threatened by conflicts, disease or disasters, your gift will ensure that we can be there to support and protect them.

Disaster doesn’t discriminate. Whether it’s in Afghanistan, Haiti or Lebanon – wherever a disaster strikes, your donation to our Children’s Emergency Fund means there will be support on the ground for children when they need it most.

Thanks to our partners and supporters, we were able to support children and families in 18 emergencies in 15 countries and reach nearly 400,000 people with life-saving aid in 2022.

Please donate now and help protect the children most at risk in the world.

The first vital hours are critical in any humanitarian response, and children in particular need help as soon as possible. That’s why we have created our Children’s Emergency Fund, so that we can immediately help children survive emergencies.

Children's Emergency Fund | Annual report 2022 pdf - 1,77 MB

We’re supporting the most vulnerable children and families on the frontline of humanitarian emergencies and of the climate crisis by providing, for example:

- water for communities battling drought
- therapeutic food for malnourished children
- emergency healthcare, especially for children and mothers
- cash and vouchers for families whose livelihoods have been hit hard
- food, water and educational material for schools so they can stay open
- temporary learning centres where children can continue to learn even if their schools have been destroyed or damaged by disasters
- child-friendly spaces so children can have a safe space to play, recover and be children again
- support in repairing damaged education and healthcare buildings

In the past twenty years, the humanitarian landscape has changed dramatically. Fueled by climate crisis, disasters are becoming more frequent and more severe. Crises last longer and affect more people. There are now twice as many natural disasters as there were 20 years ago.

The needs are huge, but so is our determination to reach every last child caught in crises.We have the experience to limit the effects of disasters on children’s lives thanks to having worked all over the world for over 100 years to provide lifesaving support to children during humanitarian emergencies. Our Children’s Emergency Fund is the key to saving lives quickly. We are already present in 120 countries, working with local partner organisations so we can quickly react and help children and families.

Thanks to your support, we can help millions of children in their darkest hour.

All donations are allocated where it is needed the most to support children in need and families affected by the most terrible crises worldwide. When communicated by the donor, we allocate donations to the emergency described in the appeal. However, depending on each crisis and on the humanitarian response needs, we might decide to allocate donations under CHF 5'000 to other similar humanitarian crises worldwide. By doing that we are able to support humanitarian responses to crises that are not covered by global and Swiss media and hence remain often underfunded - we call them "forgotten crises".

Your support is important and we do everything to use your donation as efficiently as possible. 85% of every donation is sent directly to support humanitarian responses in the affected countries. 15% of every donation is used for administration and management costs that includes accounting and project controlling. Please, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at if you wish to learn more on how we allocate your donation or if you have any questions: we would be happy to reply!

Help now: Your donation makes a difference!