Institutional child safeguarding in Switzerland

Organisations must ensure that children and adolescents are protected from any kind of violence or abuse in their activities. To do so, they need valid child safeguarding guidelines and practicable measures.

Round table

We organise round tables on institutional child safeguarding on a regular basis. These serve as a platform for communication and knowledge transfer between NGOs which carry out projects with children and adolescents in Switzerland. During these half-day workshops, we discuss how child safeguarding can be embedded sustainably and efficiently in an organisation’s structure and how it can become part of the organisational culture. We furthermore aim at enhancing specialist knowledge in the domain of child safeguarding and raise awareness of this topic among different groups, for example, volunteers.

In 2021, the round table will take place November 4. Are you interested? Questions and registration should be sent to:

Consultation and courses

We are happy to support organisations in developing child safeguarding guidelines and practices as well as a corresponding reporting system. We also offer courses on embedding institutional child safeguarding.

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Round Table Dialogue and knowledge transfer for NGOs

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Consultation Development of child safeguarding guidelines and practices for organisations

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Course Embedding institutional child safeguarding

Agenda of the round table held in November 2020 in German pdf - 300,29 KB

Every organisation that deals with children needs an internal child safeguarding system. This constitutes a management task and must be implemented consistently and continuously right across the board.

Abigael de Buys Roessingh Board Member Save the Children Switzerland

Impressions from the Round Table on 14 November 2019.

Impressions from the Round Table on 14 November 2019.

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