Education about children’s rights in Switzerland

Children have special rights: a right to protection from violence, and a right to education, play, health and co-determination. Authorities, NGOs, companies or private individuals – we all are responsible for observing and implementing children’s rights.

Events and workshops on children’s rights

Many children and adults do not yet know the rights of the child. At our events and workshops, we help them expand their knowledge and give them practical tips on how to implement children’s rights in everyday life.

We organise different events to raise awareness of children’s rights among children, teenagers and adults. Every year, we celebrate the International Children’s Rights Day (November 20) with a special event. You can find past and future events in our news section.

Our workshops and courses allow private individuals, associations, companies and public authorities to deepen their knowledge of children’s rights. We focus on how adults can implement children’s rights in everyday life in their various roles (as parents, relatives, neighbours, citizens).

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Adults should respect and know children's rights!

Scholar during the post run for the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Course materials for teachers

In collaboration with the school platform Kiknet, we provide teaching materials on children’s rights free of charge, including a lesson plan, background information and ready-to-use worksheets.

The materials are designed for primary and secondary school teachers and their students (1st / 2nd and 3rd cycle). These materials help teachers raise awareness of the topic among their students whilst teaching them about the history and importance of children’s rights.

Find the teaching materials here (in German):

Working together for children’s rights

Together, we can achieve more. We are therefore a member of various associations of NGOs where we work together for children’s rights in Switzerland.

We are an active member of the Child Rights Network Switzerland, we support the ombudsman service for children’s rights, and we take part in the early support coalition “Ready”. We contribute our expertise to the NGO report and to the participatory report on children and youth regarding the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child for the attention of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. Moreover, we support political initiatives for the embedding in law of the children’s right to a non-violent upbringing.

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Project description “Participatory Report on Children” (tender and our project) in German pdf - 465,69 KB

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