The corona virus continues to spread worldwide. The situation is particularly worrying in crisis areas and in very poor regions. Especially in the refugee camps around the world, families live in cramped conditions, hut to hut, with thousands of other families. These living conditions make it difficult to maintain precautionary measures such as hygiene precautions or “social distancing”.


In the current coronavirus pandemic, our Save the Children teams are doing everything in over 120 countries to help children and families affected by COVID-19. We were one of the first international organizations on the front lines in the fight against the coronavirus to provide life-saving protective equipment to health workers and to show children how to protect themselves from the virus.

In Switzerland, we support families in the asylum and migration context, for example with learning and play sets so that they can learn and play even in modest spaces.

Funds are urgently needed for our life-saving work for children worldwide. Please help us to help! With your donation, the most disadvantaged children worldwide can be provided with help and protection. Your donation will be used where help is most urgently needed.

How your donation can help:

With 50 Swiss francs

you could support for example two vulnerable children.

With 80 Swiss francs

you could finance a hygiene kit with soap and detergent for seven families, for example.

With 200 Swiss francs

you could, for example, enable two health care workers to receive training in Corona.

Please help children in need!

Donate and help now!