In this extraordinary time of the Corona crisis, we would like to make a positive contribution and show solidarity. We are particularly concerned about children and their families in Switzerland and worldwide.

Hundreds of thousands of children in Switzerland were unable to attend school for months – not only did their education suffer, but they also experienced social isolation due to the pandemic. By telling numerous children’s stories via Facebook and Instagram, we would like to transport children into a fantasy world and offer them moments of happiness.

Numerous personalities from music, art and sports support us and share their favourite children’s stories – watch the videos directly on our site or on our Instagram account @savethechildrensuisse.

Be part of it!

Would you also like to get involved in reading your favourite children’s book?
Then please contact us directly.
We will clarify all legal issues with the publishers of the books and get back to you as soon as possible. After the release, there is nothing to stop you from creating the video and sharing it with your community on your Instagram or Facebook account. Please link us @savethechildrensuisse so we can repost your great video and interact with it. Of course, it would be desirable if you mention Save the Children in the video as well, so that we can receive urgently needed funds for our work in the fight against the coronavirus.

Important: Please do not upload any read aloud videos on social media until we have clarified the legal issues with the publishers of the children’s books!

Read out your favourite children's story and put the kids for a moment into a fantasy world!