Hunger robs joyful childhood moments

When children can’t eat, hunger begins to destroy their world. Hunger silences children’s laughter, paralyses their curiosity and extinguishes their joy of play – these are heartbreaking facts that we cannot ignore. We have the necessary knowledge, a global network and staff who work tirelessly. But it is only with your help that we can fight hunger together. You have the power to give children the chance to enjoy a carefree childhood.

★ Hunger destroys joy                                       ★ Hunger consumes curiosity
★ Hunger devours dreams                                ★ Hunger silences play
★ Hunger drains energy                                    ★ Hunger disrupts learning

Every 2 seconds

a child is born into hunger this year.

Hunger from the very first breath: this year, a child is born into the world every two seconds, destined to face malnutrition from birth. Many of these children suffer from undernourishment and developmental delays. Malnourished children’s immune systems are often weakened, muscles break down and organs deteriorate. Hunger doesn’t just mean empty stomachs – hunger robs children of everything that makes a happy childhood and affects their entire development.  What is often not directly visible is impressively shown in the video below.

Imagine a world where every child can laugh, discover and dream. You can help create such a world by making a donation this Christmas!

Help now

How exactly we help

Medical care

With mobile health clinics, our staff reach children in remote regions around the world with often live-saving medical aid.

School meals

Street kitchens and our schools provide children with hot meals – often their only real meal of the day.

Nutrition programmes

Families receive materials for growing vegetables and weather-resistant seeds. Through training in food cultivation, they can sustainably improve their food security.

How you can help with your donation


With 60 francs

you make it possible, for example, to treat a malnourished child for eight weeks with therapeutic peanut paste.

With 150 francs

you fund, for example, a vegetable garden starter kit for 10 families each, so that they can improve their nutritional situation.

With 250 francs

for example, you fund meals for 250 school children on a school day so that they can go to school despite the looming food crisis.


Your donation will be used for all our activities and where disadvantaged children need it most.


If you have any questions about our payment methods, don’t hesitate to contact us via email.