Thank you for being here and supporting children in need!

Together with you, friends of the Swiss Charity Concert and other sponsors, we are committed to helping children in emergency situations, such as the hunger crisis currently affecting millions of children in many countries.

Together for children in need

Every child has the right to a happy and protected childhood. For many children in the world, this is not a given – they are for example threatened by the current global hunger crisis. For any mother or father, it is a nightmare to watch their child’s health deteriorate daily and eventually become life-threatening.

Ever since she was a baby, Ubah has had trouble breathing – due to a heart defect, she suffers from a weakened immune system and is often sick. As a result of her illness, she can rarely maintain the age-appropriate weight.

The consequences of malnutrition can quickly become life-threatening for the now four-year-old. As soon as her health deteriorates, Ubah needs urgent medical help. Ubah receives treatment in one of our health centers through therapeutic and nutritious food. This is only possible thanks to you.

With your donations, we can, for example, provide medical care to children like Ubah or train health workers to recognize and treat malnutrition. It also enables us to distribute food parcels to families or to provide meals at school so that children receive balanced nutrition even while learning.

help now with your donation!

With your donation you help us to reach the most disatvantaged children worldwide with the support and protection they need. Your donation will be used for all our activities and where children need it most.