We stand up for children

Around the world, too many children start life at a disadvantage simply because of who they are and where they come from. Save the children champions the rights and interests of these children worldwide, putting the most vulnerable children first. Save the Children is a politically and religiously independent organisation, and therefore we rely heavily on the support of private individuals. Without these generous private commitments, none of our work for children would be possible.

It is therefore that we use fundraising channels such a Face2Face. Our fundraisers speak daily to many members of the public, to inform them about our cause and to ask them to help us help children by becoming a donor. We work with expert external fundraising agencies and all our fundraisers are fully trained and are paid a living wage salary; they do not work on commission. Worldwide, Face2Face brings in approximately 300.000 new donors each year for Save the Children through many conversations our fundraisers have on the streets, at the doors and in private sites such as shopping centres and other. Face2Face is a hugely valuable channel for our organisation.

If you see our fundraisers, please do come and say hi to them, we are happy to inform you about our cause and how you can help. If you have any feedback about our fundraisers or would like to get in touch, please contact our Supporter Services on info@savethechildren.ch.

Contact us for more information by phone 044 267 74 70 or email info@savethechildren.ch.

Donation support, Save the Children Schweiz

Your donation makes a difference. Thank you very much!