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The war in Syria is marking its twelfth anniversary these days, and also war has been ongoing in Yemen for eight years – millions of children were born in war and know no other everyday life. The war robs children of their childhood, as they are physically and psychologically injured and forced to leave their homes.

Air strikes and explosions have damaged and destroyed vital facilities such as schools and hospitals.

449 milion

children around the world are growing up in armed conflicts

Every war is a war against children: whether in the wars in Syria and Yemen, the war in Ukraine or the conflicts in Afghanistan and many African and Asian regions – worldwide, more than 449 million children are growing up in armed conflicts. That is almost every sixth child!

Their everyday lives are marked by bombs, violence and hunger. They live in insecurity, have to deal with the loss of relatives and suffer especially from the cold in winter. Surviving is just the beginning for children living in conflict zones. These children urgently need our help now.

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21.6 million people in Yemen – including 11 million children – are dependent on aid. That is around 66% of the population.

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Around 4 million people in Syria were dependent on humanitarian aid to meet their basic needs at the beginning of the year. The terrible earthquakes at the beginning of February have further aggravated their situation.

How we help



Children like Eyad (14), who are injured by attacks in armed conflicts, are receiving life-saving emergency aid and medicines thanks to mobile health teams and clinics.


In child-friendly spaces, children like Olha (6) can play and learn under the supervision of carers, who also provide psychological support for the children to help them process their traumatic experiences.


Refugee children, like Diana (9), can learn under supervision in our temporary learning centres, so that they do not lose touch with their education and can have the chance of a self-determined future.

How your donation helps



With 60 Swiss francs

for example, you can help provide essential medical supplies for children who have been victims of an attack.

With 120 Swiss francs

for example, two children can access a child-friendly space for four months.

With 250 Swiss francs

for example, you can provide a family with basic food for four months.

Your donation will be used for all of our activities and deployed where disadvantaged children need it the most.