Every war is a war against children. Children are always the first to suffer in any conflict and we are extremely concerned about the worsening situation in the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel.

Children in Gaza are in desperate need of life-saving supplies. Only a small fraction of the needed supplies has been allowed to cross into Gaza. Food and water have run out in some areas and children who survive the ongoing bombardment may die from dehydration, starvation and disease.

Save the Children condemns the killing of civilians, including children. The killing and maiming of children, abduction, and attacks on schools and hospitals, are grave violations, and those responsible must be held to account for their actions.

This is a humanitarian catastrophe with unimaginable and unnecessary suffering and the number of casualties – nearly half of them children – continues to rise. We call for a lasting ceasefire to ensure that all children can be protected. The weaponization of aid must stop and every effort must be made to ensure children and civilians receive humanitarian relief immediately.

All children in the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel should be protected. Stop the war on children.

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Be it in Switzerland or in the remotest regions of the world – where the most basic necessities are lacking, we work every day to help children and ensure that they survive, learn and are protected.

Our work for children is carried out in various areas and contexts. Whether it is short-term emergency aid after a disaster or long-term development cooperation, we have years of experience and know the special needs of children.


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