A devastating fire raged through the Cox's Bazar refugee camp in Bangladesh a few days ago. More than 10,000 dwellings were destroyed in the fire in the world's largest refugee camp, which provides shelter for over 800,000 Rohingya, over 400 people are missing and tens of thousands of children are in need of help. We are helping on the ground.

Tayeba Begum, a Save the Children volunteer who witnessed the fire said:

The fire spread so quickly that before we understood what happened, it caught our house. People were screaming and running here and there. Children were also running scattered crying for their family. It is the most horrific incident I have witnessed recently.”

Children were running scattered crying for their family.

Tayeba Begum Save the Children volunteer

Onno Van Manen, Country Director of Save the Children in Bangladesh said:

“This is the second big fire to tear through the camps this year, and it is the largest yet. It is another devastating blow to the Rohingya refugees who live here. Just a couple of days ago we lost one of our health facilities in another fire. The risks of fires in these extremely densely populated and confined areas are enormous. 

We are worried about the impact this event will have on children

Onno Van Manen Country Director of Save the Children in Bangladesh

“We are worried about the impact this event will have on children: those who will have lost their homes, learning centres and child friendly spaces in the blaze. We are also concerned with the mental health impacts of experiencing such a traumatic event. Save the Children is on the ground supporting refugees in distress, and we will be assessing what further aid is needed over the coming hours and days.”

How it looks on site:

Our staff member Ummay Habiba is on the ground and explains the extent of the destruction of the fire in the Rohingya refugee camp and what the impact of the fire is for Rohingya families:

How we are helping:

In collaboration with the Government and other actors, Save the Children is supporting the affected children and their families with temporary safe shelters and working to support children separated from their parents. Save the Children has ongoing programs in Health, Nutrition, Food Assistance, Child Protection, Mental Health support and Education. The organisation is supporting both the refugees as well as the host communities.

Help now

The affected families in the Rohingya refugee camp have lost everything in the fire and are left with nothing. Numerous children have also been separated from their parents and urgently need protection and help so that they can be reunited with their families. The situation is dramatic!

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