Worldwide, there are more than 500,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infections at the end of March 2020. The number of deaths has now exceeded 24,000. Children do not belong to the primary risk group of the disease, but are massively threatened by the effects of the global pandemic in countries around the world, both in the short and long term.

As long as children have no previous illnesses, a corona infection is harmless. However, if parents and caregivers become infected, the health, nutrition and protection of children also suffer. In almost all countries where Corona has broken out, schools are closed. As a result, children are severely restricted in their right to education and play. The virus hits children living in already unsafe places such as conflict areas, refugee camps and slums particularly hard. Right now, children need us more than ever! For this we need the support of our partners. Every contribution is of value.

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We need your strong support! Together we can protect the most vulnerable children and their families.

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Save the Children works in over 120 countries and also has functioning networks with local partners around the world. We have extensive experience in preparing for and fighting epidemics. Our tried and tested interventions curb diseases such as yellow fever, cholera, measles and Ebola and support affected areas. The activities are diverse. Below is a selection of concrete support interventions:


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China Already in February 2020: Supporting hospitals in China with additional protective equipment to protect health staff and prevent the spread of the virus within the hospital.

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Philippines Preliminary hygiene measures such as the distribution of soap and sanitizers, but also educational material, for example in the Philippines.

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Bangladesh In Bangladesh, in the world's largest refugee camp, we are setting up hand washing stations in educational institutions and training children, teachers and school administrators in protective measures.

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Germany Because emergency sleeping places are closed, we offer homeless children and adolescents in Germany a safe place to sleep and shower. There they also receive food, water, clothing and medicine.

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Kenya In Kenya, Save the Children supports health centres with soap and sanitizers as well as the training of health staff to prevent infection.

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Sudan We support countries in preparing for the outbreak and inform the population about important containment measures. In Sudan, for example, we have distributed information material in Arabic, Amharic and Tigrinya to raise awareness of hygiene measures among the local population and refugees living there.


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Italy In Italy, we support poorer families with learning materials, tablets and games for at home.

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Spain In Spain, children and their families receive psychological and psychosocial support to strengthen their parenting skills in times of crisis.

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Switzerland In Switzerland, we advise the caretakers of the asylum centres by telephone how they can best support the refugee children and their parents in the current situation.

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Albania In Albania, we provide food for families who have lost all sources of income due to the nationwide lockdown. The beneficiaries worked e.g. as day labourers or cleaning staff in the informal sector and are therefore not entitled to government support.

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Difficult economic situation Families who are in a difficult economic situation due to the virus are supported with shopping vouchers.

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Separated children Children who are separated from their parents because of the virus can be cared for in a child-friendly way and feel safe, thanks to Save the Children projects.

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Staff We advise care and teaching staff in dealing with children in the event of a curfew.


As the listed Save the Children activities show, the immediate needs of children and their families vary in different regions of the world. Their needs also change depending on the phase of the spreading of the disease or the restrictive measures taken to contain it. To enable Save the Children to respond quickly, we are in great need of many supporters.

Thanks to your donation to the COIVID-19-Fund, we can save lives and support children and their families in these difficult times.

The fund brings important advantages in this situation of worldwide crisis:

  • Flexibility to respond quickly and unbureaucratically to the current situation and to meet the most urgent needs of disadvantaged children and their families worldwide;
  • Holistic because thanks to your donation also forgotten children in emergency situations receive help;
  • Sustainability by helping children and their families to adapt to their new reality when the first acute crisis is over.

Thanks for supporting our work for the most deprived children!

Save the Children Schweiz