An opportunity for companies

Children’s rights violations caused by their own operational activities or those of their suppliers constitute a potential risk and constant challenge for all companies. This is amplified by the heightened expectations among employees, clients and investors that companies will live up to their responsibility to society.

However, these raised expectations on the private sector are also an opportunity. Companies that assume responsibility for their own operations and establish close and direct partnerships with their suppliers can gain competitive advantages. These include increased staff satisfaction, enhanced quality, product innovations and image gain among consumers.

Children's rights are everybody's business

Kofi Annan († 2018) UN Secretary General (1997-2006)

Your commitment for children

If your company can make a positive impact on children, risks become opportunities – for the children and for your business.

We support you

With the help of our global network, Save the Children can provide advice worldwide whilst taking the local context into account in each case.

We can work with you and guide your company through a process that we adapt to your individual needs. We will check your value chain, guidelines and business practices, for instance, in order to determine where and how your activities have an impact on children and their rights.

This results in a concrete action plan for your company, which guarantees the implementation of a children’s rights perspective in your long-term business model. We develop customised agreements and processes for each individual case, so that the jointly penned suggestions stay relevant in practice.

Contact us at We would be happy to arrange an initial consultation with no obligation.

We are very much looking forward to collaborating with you and implementing the protection of children’s rights in your business activities so as to maximise your positive external impact on children.

Timon Sidler Head Data Analysis & Child Rights and Business

Children's Rights and Business Principles

Our service is based on the Children's Rights and Business Principles (CRBP), developed by UNICEF, the UN Global Compact and Save the Children. For the first time, comprehensive principles have been defined to support companies in respecting and promoting children’s rights and to embed them in workplaces, sales markets and society.

The relationship between children and private industry is increasingly important, complex and growing. Children come into contact with businesses, whether they like it or not. They assume the roles of consumers, family members of employees, young employees themselves, and members of communities and environments that accommodate or support private sector activities.

Children are important stakeholders for companies – as future employees and business elites as well as those affected by business activities and relations.

10 Children's Rights and Business Principles pdf - 1,08 MB

Factsheet Children's Rights and Business Principles für Unternehmen (Englisch) pdf - 357,33 KB

Best Practice from China

In China, millions of children are left at home on their own or with relatives while their parents work in the industrial centres throughout the entire year. Oftentimes, these children only see their parents during the Chinese New Year Holidays. Although other children have the opportunity to visit their parents during the summer break, they often end up at the production sites themselves or are locked into their parents’ rooms during the day.

This poses an immediate problem for the production plants but also for their customers.

By introducing child-friendly spaces in Chinese factories, our Child Rights and Business Hub in China (CCR CSR) takes an innovative approach to this problem for the benefit of children and their parents but also the employers

We support the Responsible Business initiative

The initiative has a strong preventive character with the obligatory due diligence. Companies should ensure that there are no human rights violations or environmental damage in their business activities. The initiative demands nothing less than what we already expect from the companies we work with. In this respect, supporting the Responsible Business Initiative for Save the Children Switzerland is a logical continuation of our commitment.