Hardly any other country in the world is more dangerous for children than Yemen. Another air raid killed seven children. Thus, in less than a month, at least seventeen children were killed in various attacks. In addition, there is war, hunger and the Corona pandemic is making the situation even worse.

Doctor Masar Khalid looks after children suffering from malaria, dengue or other feverish diseases. She works in the Al-Basateen Health Centre in Aden, the fourth largest city in Yemen. Here Save the Children has started a health and nutrition programme in 113 health facilities. But the corona pandemic is making her work extremely difficult.

I am worried about my family, my colleagues and my country. We are under a lot of pressure. It is the poorest and most vulnerable who suffer the most.

Dr. Masar Khalid Save the Children health worker in Yemen

“On April 29th, we received the first reports of Corona cases. We have done our best to prepare our clinics for the increase of further cases. We have instructed our cleaning staff to disinfect more than once everywhere. We are also making every effort to provide the health staff with sufficient protective equipment to prevent them from becoming infected,” reports Dr. Masar Khalid.

keeping a distance is hardly possible

By far not all families can afford to keep their distance or stay at home. Many work as day labourers and are dependent on daily earnings. Access to clean water is scarce and the war has destroyed the homes of many people.

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93 percent of children are dependent on humanitarian aid

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10.3 million children do not have enough to eat

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Almost one child in five no longer has a home

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70 percent of children have no access to clean water

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2 million children cannot go to school

Given these figures, it is difficult not to lose hope. But Dr. Masar Khalid does not give up the belief in a better future.

I never thought I'd say this, but I miss the days before Corona. I miss the sound of children playing in the nursery at our clinic. We are proud and resilient people and I am sure that we have the strength to carry on even in these dark times.

Dr. Masar Khalid
Save the Children has supported Ali's family with accommodation materials, clothing, student equipment and cash to provide appropriate medical treatment for Ali. Watch the video to see how Ali is doing today: