The Migration Information Centre gathers in one place the thematic studies, research work and tools Save the Children has produced to inform knowledge about migrant children’s needs on changing migratory routes and displacement settings. The relevance of Save the Children’s programmes for displaced children relies on the evidence we are able to collect through quantitative information, stories of children and testimonies of displaced families. On this basis we are then in a better position to inform the projects and innovative solutions that will best serve the rights of migrant children and ensure they remain protected wherever they are.

Why do children leave their home?

Conflict and Violence and Mixed Migration Flows of Children and Youth in East and the Horn of Africa pdf - 519,62 KB

Venezuela Regional Migration Crisis: Who are the children most at risk? pdf - 4,61 MB

Migration and Displacement of Children in Latin America and the Caribbean pdf - 565,1 KB

Special Cost of Migration on Children Left Behind: Research summary pdf - 2,4 MB

Girls on the Move Research Series pdf - 3,29 MB

Researching Unaccompanied and Separated Children on the Move: Lessons learned pdf - 3,41 MB

Why Children Stay pdf - 2,94 MB