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In Ukraine alone, around 7.5 million children are at risk of serious physical and psychological injury and displacement following the escalation of hostilities. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case: whether in the Middle East conflict, wars in Syria, Yemen, and Afghanistan, or in many African and Asian regions – around the world, approximately 426 million children are growing up in armed conflicts. That is almost every fifth child! Their everyday lives are marked by bombs, violence and hunger. Countless families have to leave their homes and are on the move or live in simple tents in refugee camps. These children need our help now!

Olha's story

Olha (6) from Ukraine is one of the countless children growing up in war and conflict zones. She experienced unimaginable horrors: while playing near her home, a mine exploded and she suffered severe internal injuries as well as injuries to her hand. Although an emergency operation was conducted, not all of the splinters could be removed. Since then, Olha has to live with the physical consequences. Olha is attending a Save the Children community centre and loves the learning and play activities. She also receives psychosocial support to help her come to terms with her traumatic experiences.

Donate and help now

Our teams are on site, taking care of the most deprived children doing everything possible to save their lives. Together we can make sure, they have access to food, drinking water, health care and education. Please support children in need right now with your donation!


With 80 Swiss francs

you help to provide, for example, life-saving medical care for children who are victims of attacks.

With 100 Swiss francs

two children, for example, can be accommodated in one of our child friendly spaces.

With 180 Swiss francs

you will provide, for example, a family with three months' worth of basic nutritious food.

Give children a chance for a better future. Every donation counts and is used where it is most urgently needed for children in need.

CHILDREN IN emregency situations NEED YOUR HELP!