Frequent and persistent droughts threaten the lives of millions of children. In the Horn of Africa alone, that is, in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya, 17.4 million people are dependent on help following a severe drought.

Our teams work around the clock in all the affected countries, providing help for the most deprived children and their families. We distribute clean water and foodstuffs, treat malnourished children at our mobile health clinics and promote child safeguarding and educational measures in camps for displaced persons and in existing schools.

We urgently need to expand our activities!
Please help us and support our work with your donation! Your donation is used where help is needed most urgently.

How your donation can help:

With 50 Swiss francs

we could supply four malnourished children with therapeutic nutrition for one week.

With 100 Swiss francs

You could ensure that eight children receive sufficient clean water at school for a month.

With 200 Swiss francs

you could provide a nutritious lunch for ten students and for one month.

Please help children in need!

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